The Importance of a Math Tutor for your kids at home

There’s no doubt that it’s hard to see your child struggling with their math work. When your child comes home from school upset about a bad grade on a test, or even just a rough day in math class, all you’re going to want to do is help! 

While providing help for your child at home has many benefits, it’s tough as a parent to assess and provide your child with the exact assistance they need. There are so many great at-home options out there, however, not all of them are specifically trained to teach math! That’s why hiring an online math tutor is an awesome way to help your child exactly where they’re struggling. Doing research is one of the best ways to seek information on great math tutors, and will also allow you to understand the importance of a math tutor for your kids at home. 

A benefit of having a math tutor for kids is one-on-one attention. While in-class instruction is great, it doesn’t always offer direct help to your child’s specific needs. Does your child struggle with understanding addition but does well with subtraction? Having a math tutor for kids means filling in the gaps that they often face in math class. It also allows an environment for your child to ask questions they may not have otherwise asked when surrounded by their peers. Math can be intimidating, but having a math tutor for kids gives them the opportunity to learn the best way they can. 

Not only does one-on-one instruction benefit your child in terms of their educational needs, but it also allows your child to learn different methods and strategies that they may not have otherwise had access to. Sometimes the struggles in math aren’t necessarily a lack of math understanding, but instead just a struggle with the way it’s being taught! Providing a math tutor for your kids allows for the exploration of different teaching methods that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to in class. 

Another important benefit of having a math tutor for your kids is the additional help during transition periods. Providing your child with help as they move schools or as they go from fourth grade to fifth grade means that they are becoming equipped with the skills they need as they move up in math levels. Where your child may not have previously needed help, math instruction changes as kids get older. This also means your kid's needs may have changed. Providing your family or kids with a math tutor during transitioning periods means an easier transition to harder subjects! 

Online math tutors often provide your child with an assessment - this allows them to understand exactly where your child is struggling and the best way to help them. While parents are always able to help, they often aren’t trained on the current curriculum. Finding a math tutor or a math learning centre that provides a well-rounded assessment will ensure that your child is achieving success in and out of their math classroom!


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