Fronius Inverter and LG Solar Panels

Fronius is highly respected and widely recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of solar inverters in the solar world. This reputation is not founded on the number of sales but on service, efficiency, and, above all, reliability. With the most complicated component of any solar system being the solar inverter, it is also the most likely component to cause problems.


Reliability: It's very, very unlikely to have problems with a Fronius inverter. This is both due to their outstanding architecture (including active cooling) and strict regulation of quality.


Flexibility: The Primo 5 can have two MPPTs, allowing two parallel strings in each one (5kW single-phase inverter) (i.e., four strings total). This allows for much more compact designs than single MPPT inverters, or even two MPPTs, but just a single string in each one, the 5kW inverter norm.


Noise: Active cooling of Fronius inverters. This keeps the inverter cooler and increases its lifetime, even though it makes it quieter than other colder inverters.


Commercial inverters: The largest inverter is currently 27 kW, while others produce 110 kW+. A 50kW and a 100kW inverter are brought out by Fronius, but they're relatively inflexible.


Proactive Service-Faults Identification


Fronius Service Partners (FSPs) can use Fronius Solar. FSPs receive an instant warning when any malfunction detects, so they can respond instantly to ensure maximum uptime. FSPs have a spare parts reserve ready to get a PV device back up and running in one trip to the site.


Price: It's a high-quality inverter, and it comes at a high price. If you were to splurge on one aspect of your PV system, it would be the inverter.


Solar Panels from LG:


Compared to other standard panels, LG solar panels, mainly the NeON range, have unique technological advantages. It has already proved better efficiency and, overall, more electricity production from solar systems powered by our panels.


There are several advantages to LG Solar panels, which form the most durable and long-term solar energy solutions for the market.


Nice Looks: LG residential panels paired with black cells have a matte black frame finish. We think they look better than normal blue cells and grey aluminum frames in the industry.


High Wind Load Resistance: There is an excellent double-walled frame for LG panels. Our panel under test withstands a wind load of 4000 Pascals when it comes to wind forces (rear load).


Proven Field Performance: LG has been involved in a range of LG panel comparison tests against several other brand panels. In these studies, LG NeON 2 models are consistently among the highest performing.


Strict quality control Reliable for the future: LG's world-class solar production quality control is monitored and improved through many monitoring points using Six Sigma techniques.


Extensive Testing Program: At our in-house testing laboratories, LG solar panels are tested at least twice the international standards, ensuring a very durable and longer-lasting solar cell.


25 Years Product Warranty: LG provides a 15-year longer parts and labor product warranty than many rivals for 10 to an incredible 25 years.


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