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Relocation is a tedious task when considering various formalities and obligations that need to be completed when planning international relocation. Compared to state to state moving, relocating to another country comes with its own set of rules and regulations.  Relocating to Costa Rica has its own rules framed by the custom department and the government. The distances covered are high that makes a requisite logistics a tough undertaking for a person to tackle alone.

Relocating to Costa Rica

It is imperative to hire a good Costa Rica shipping company to transpire all your relocation formalities to Costa Rica in a hassle-free and seamless manner. Here are some of the things that need to be considered when relocating to Costa Rica:

  1. Import duties imposed by Costa Rica: An international move comes with import duties through some countries offer exemptions. Costa Rica does not extend generosity to foreigners moving into the country. The shipment of household goods will incur the standard import duty. This rate is charged on the combined amount of the value of the shipment and cost of shipping and insurance.
  2. Documents required: In order for your shipment to enter the country, it is important to provide customs with appropriate documentation. This includes the passport and the packing list i.e. is written in either Spanish or English language. The original Bill of lading and Air way bill is also required. A separate inventory with the values for all the items is also mandatory. The details like name of the brand, model and serial number of all electronics goods in the shipment needs to be mentioned. Also, the purchase receipt of new item needs to be attached with.
  3. Import duties on vehicles: Duty exception is not available for vehicle imports. Bringing vehicle to Costa Rica will cost more. One will end up paying more than the total value of the vehicle just in import duties. Consult with a good shipping companies when importing your vehicles to Costa Rica
  4. Documents required for importing vehicles: It is important to have necessary paper work to bring your vehicle into the country. A valid driver’s license and passport is required along with the title and registration of the vehicle and certified emissions test. A temporary use permit along with the written authorization of the car owner is to be submitted. Original bill of lading is to be submitted finally to the customs.
  5. Hiring a professional shipping company: Professional shipping company have the experience and expertise required for Costa Rica relocation. It would be impossible if you decide to handle things on your own. This is because it is very time consuming and hectic process. Also, you will be at the risk of losing or damaging your belongings. An expert mover will help you pack and secure your belongings without any damage incurred. Furthermore, they have relevant equipment designed to make your relocation process stress-free and easy.

Choose the shipping company that is duly licensed and has good reviews of past customers. Also, ensure that the company you choose caters for damage on your things and items during the transit.


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