Emergency dental care in downtown Calgary

Here are some examples of dental emergencies:

-       Toothache: A toothache is classified as constant pain in your mouth or jaw, and is usually caused by an issue like tooth decay. This kind of pain can be ongoing, and can cause a great deal of additional problems, such as problems chewing, or even migraines. In order to relieve some of the pain while you wait to get it fixed, your clinic may recommend holding an ice pack to your jaw.

Emergency dental care in downtown Calgary

-       Chipped or broken tooth: A chipped or broken tooth can be fixed, and maybe easier than you think! Call your emergency dental clinic in Calgary as soon as it happens. Usually - if it’s a small chip - your dentist can repair it using a while filling. If it’s a more serious or larger problem, your dentist may consider a root canal or may require a crown on the tooth.

-       Knocked out tooth: Whether it be a sports injury or a fall, knocking out your tooth is a pretty severe emergency. Something that most people don’t know is that if a tooth is placed back within 10-15 minutes, it has a chance of taking root again! After 2 hours, the chances are poor. If the tooth is intact, put it in it’s socket and drive to your clinic!

-       Badly bitten lip or tongue: This is a big emergency, as the mouth can bleed excessively. This is due to the fact that the gums/lips/tongue have a big blood supply (which also means they heal quicker than other parts!). Regardless, this can be a big emergency, and require intervention.

-       Trauma injuries almost always require emergency intervention. This may include trauma to the mouth or teeth.


There are some things you may want to consider when looking at options for emergency dental downtown Calgary:

1.    Ease of travelling: When it comes to finding the right emergency dental in downtown Calgary, you want to consider how close you are to the available options. In the event you do have an emergency (which is hard to predict!), how close to home is your clinic, and how easy can you make it there?

2.    How comfortable you feel: Finding an emergency dental clinic in Calgary that you feel comfortable with may take some time and effort. Teeth are a big part of your health, and finding someone to trust with your oral health is key!

3.    Price: Consider your budget when looking at emergency dental services. If you’re on a strict budget, consider calling around various options for different prices. Every place may vary depending on the service, so asking around can’t hurt!

4.    Referrals: Ask around for dentist or emergency dental recommendations. It’s likely that one or two of your contacts have had emergency dental services before, so finding recommendations through that will often yield honest and genuine responses.

Finding a great clinic for emergency dental services in Calgary shouldn’t be crazy hard. Asking friends, or doing your own research is a great way to get a trustworthy dentist.


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