How to Recycle Used Plastic Bottles in Calgary

It’s becoming more and more apparent year after year that recycling is key in working to protect our environments. More and more businesses and neighborhoods around the world are investing time and effort in their recycling programs. 

Bottle Recycling

When at home, there are tons of ways we can practice sustainability, including bottle recycling! Bottle recycling is a great way to give back to the community and environment, while pocketing a bit of extra cash!

When looking for how to recycle used bottles in Calgary, the best options usually include bottle depots. Bottle depots include skip-the-depot programs that allow you to get your recyclables to be picked up, and they also offer programs that allow you to bring your bottle recycling into the location.

Using a bottle recycling program is a great way to get your recyclables picked up, without having to leave the comfort of your own home! These programs provide at-home services, as well as services for companies. Many bottle depots provide the option to bring your bottles in, as well as options to get them picked up.

  1. At-home: If you choose to bring your bottles in to be recycled, all that is required is bringing clean bottles in to be counted. Money will be given to you right away. When it comes to skipping the bottle depot, most programs run virtually through an app or a service online. When you decide you want your recyclables to be picked up, all you have to do is download the app (or visit the site) and book a time for them to pick up your waste.
  2. Commercial: Many businesses choose to recycle their bottles. All that is required is that they bring in their clean bottles to be counted, and money refunded. If businesses are unable to go to the bottle depot, they can use a skip the depot program. Most skip the bottle depot options for commercial businesses are similar, however they require that you set a recurring time.

In order for the driver to find you, you can leave special instructions on how to find your house. On the day of pickup, all that is required is that you put your bags outside and wait for the driver to pick it up. If you have any special instructions (like a key code or to tell the driver to ‘call you’), you can always let the driver know through the app or online.

One of the best things about a skip the depot program is that you have options for your cash out! Skip the bottle depot services make it easy enough that they e-transfer you your bottle return. They also give you the option to donate your funds to a local charity if you want!

Many bottle recycling programs offer similar services, where they pay you right away when you bring your bottles in. These programs are easy when you bring your bottles in. They count them quickly, and offer you funds back immediately.

Recycling your used bottles has never been easier!


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