Vehicle Decals and Wraps in Calgary

Everyone wants their car to look cool and every business owner wants to make their dollars stretch as far as possible. Vehicle decals and car wraps can achieve both functions!

custom decals

Vehicle decals can be used to make a statement on your personal vehicle and they can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy for businesses. Car wraps allow you to make major alterations to your vehicle without needing to paint it. They can also help if you have scratches, fading or damage to cover up. For businesses, car wraps allow you to stand out in a neightbourhood, parking lot or among traffic. That means your business gets seen by way more people without you dining anything other than going about your day.

Here are some other ways that vehicle decals and car wraps are used by people in Calgary:

1.    Change the colour of your vehicle - You can add a matte finish, metallic look and various other effects to your vehicle using a wrap. You can also change the entire colour of your vehicle without the potential issues and expense that come with a paint job. This is especially help for those refinishing a vehicle on a budget.

2.    Add decals to show off what you are passionate about - For those who belong to certain groups or want to show off their hobbies, a decal can be a cool way to share that message. Decals are also helpful for business vehicles because you can add your company name, logo and contact information on decals.

3.    Draw attention to campaigns - If you are running for office, managing a fundraising campaign or have some other critical message you need to get out there, putting decals or wraps in your vehicle is a great way for many people to see your message. If the vehicle you put decals or a wrap on moves around frequently, you’ll get seen by so many people in a day and in a way that is quite passive so people don’t tune it out or fade it into the background.

4.    Marketing your business - This is especially important for those who have fleet vehicles that are out and about regularly servicing customers, delivering product and generally moving around a lot. This is the perfect opportunity to use a car wrap to ensure your business stands out and gets remembered by those in your local area who need your services.

5.    Branding your food truck - Food trucks are an exciting business that’s all about novelty. If you want your food truck to be remembered and do well, you need the outside of it to have a brand personality of it’s own. We can wrap an entire truck with your brand design so you stand out. We can also create decals for you to show your menu, contact info and much more.

For both individuals and businesses in Calgary, vehicle decals and wraps are a great way to achieve your goals and get noticed as you move throughout the city. Calgary is very spread out so people drive a lot!


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