How do I apply for a pollution NOC?

With increasing awareness to protect the environment and the surroundings and the feeling that we are just trustees to the environment and need to protect it, there have been stricter norms related to the emissions of air pollutants, effluents discharged from industries or the hazardous waste generation or handling. With the coming up of the polluter paysprinciple across the rules and legislations, there are norms and procedures that must be followed by Industries and other commercial units regarding pollution. One of the aspects is pollution NOC. It mainly has two parts on a high level - Consent to establish and consent to operate.

Before getting into the steps required for getting the required NOC, we need to know about an important index known as the Pollution Index of any industrial sector and it is represented by a number in the range from 0 to 100, with 0 representing the least pollution impact and 100 being the highest. The industries are classified based upon the pollution index score into four categories- White (Score less than 20), Green (Score between 21 to 40), Orange (Score between 41 to 60 and Red (Score above 60). The nature and extent of regulations and norms get stricter with increasing pollution index score.

The application for the NOC is being processed by the Pollution control boards but we need to know about 2 broad steps involved in the process. Two permissions are required before the running of any industrial complex and the two clearances/NOC are - Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to operate (CTO). Lets take a look at both of this one by one.

Consent to Establish

This is step zero as it is said, in this step details of the proposed project and its potential for pollution is being summarised in a document and is presented before the Committee, which goes through various details like waste water generation , air emission and waste generation potential of the unit  and  impact on the nearby ecosystem and a range of other factors and once the committee is satisfied you are given the way ahead in the form of consent that is called the Consent to Establish.

Consent to Operate

This is the second step that needs to be followed and once you have been granted the CTE license you can move ahead and establish the machinery and related infrastructure as you had presented in the document that was served to the committee for granting the CTE license. Once the installation is complete and the industry is ready to operate on a full scale, again various parameters are measured and if the committee is satisfied with the results regarding pollution norms, then you are granted the Consent to Operate license.

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