Can Recycling Centre In Calgary

At accept various drink containers made of many materials at our north east bottle depot. One of the most common items we see returned is aluminum cans. They are used for everything from pop, juice, soda water, beer and other alcoholic beverages and are typically sold in twelve or twenty four packs so it makes perfect sense that cans are one of the most common items seen at the bottle depot recycling centre.


Recycling Centre In Calgary

All “ready-to-serve” beverage containers sold in Alberta are accepted for a refund of the full deposit amount paid for them at Happy Can Bottle Depot. “Ready-to-serve” means any container with a beverage that can be consumed immediately after opening. This includes over 130,000 varieties of plastic drink bottles and jugs, Tetra containers, aluminum cans, glass bottles and metal cans. As mentioned, one of the highest volume items we see at our bottle depot recycling centre is metal and aluminum cans.

Concentrate or powdered beverage containers are not considered “ready-to-serve” as they must be mixed prior to consumption, and are not eligible for a deposit refund. Even if these are in cans, they cannot be returned to our north east bottle depot. You also did not pay a deposit when you purchased them so there is no refund eligible.

Only beverage containers and cans that have been purchased in Alberta are refundable in Alberta. If a container is registered for sale in Alberta it will have both English and French on the container and the size will be indicated in millilitres (mL), not ounces (oz).

The Three Major Benefits to Recycling

If all you know about recycling is that you can earn money from your empty beverage containers, that’s great! But, you may not realize that recycling your items has positive long-term benefits for yourself and the world.

Recycling (or reusing) containers helps keep plastics and other materials from landfills that can contaminate groundwater and environments.

Once we have rounded up the day's worth of beverage containers, including aluminum cans, they are sent out to the recycling centre to be reused or repurposed into new containers or materials. Numerous aftermarket products can be created with recycled plastics, glass and aluminum including: carpet, clothing and numerous other products.

Not surprisingly, recycled aluminum cans are made into more aluminum cans for beverage companies to buy from the recycling centre and use again. Aluminum can actually be recycled repeatedly without any loss of its original properties which means that aluminum cans are able to be recycled indefinitely. It is also used to make anything that can be fabricated from new aluminum without compromising structure or function. So the aluminum soda can you drop into the recycling bin today may become an electrical cable, a fitting for a door or window or even a bicycle tomorrow.

By ensuring that your cans make their way back to the bottle depot, you are helping to ensure that the raw materials extracted from the earth are utilized as much as possible before considering them waste. This is a significant benefit to the planet and to industries and consumers.


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