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Struggling with math is a common reality for a lot of kids. In fact, many kids when asked about their least favourite subject are quick to name Math. It can be overwhelming, especially when kids don’t understand and feel as though they are falling behind. 

As a parent, it can be especially difficult to see your children struggling, and therefore seeking out an online math tutor may provide the perfect solution. With the right support, you may even hear your child claim math as their favourite subject one day! 

Here are 5 awesome benefits of having an online math tutor!

1. Personalized Programs

When your child is struggling with math, it is important for them to be given an opportunity to learn at a pace that feels right for them. Unlike traditional classroom learning, having an online math tutor gives a child a customized learning experience where they can grow and excel at their own pace. 

Many online math tutors provide completely customized approaches that include variable 1:1 time to ensure that whatever challenges your child's faces are handled when they happen.

2. It’s Convenient 

Doing anything from home is more convenient than driving to and from a specific location and for many parents, this provides the perfect solution. Especially if external barriers prohibit you from driving your child to and from in-person learning sessions. Not to mention the money you will be saving on gas these days!


3. It’s Comfortable

A child that is struggling with math is already feeling a level of discomfort. By taking the learning from the classroom into their own home, they may feel more confident to explore their math challenges. In addition, an online math tutor can teach over an Ipad, iPhone or computer and thus there is no need for traditional desks or chairs. Your child could cozy up on the couch or sit on the floor, which very well may be more comfortable for them!

4. Technology

Many kids get excited at the thought of using technology to learn, especially if those resources are not available to them in their traditional classroom. It can break up the monotony of working with a basic pencil and paper, making math fun and exciting once again. 

Your math tutor may also provide different learning platforms for your child that include online games and additional support. Mixing up the mediums by which learning is being done, will keep your child entertained and interested longer.

5. More Confidence

Learning math can be difficult and boring on its own. With the right support, environment and teachers, your child can begin to experience the benefits of increased confidence, which has a widespread effect on their overall well-being and happiness. 

Working with an online math tutor will no doubt give your child the skills they need to excel in math but doing so will also provide them with the confidence to tackle life to the fullest of their abilities.


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