The Social Benefits Of Bottle Drives

If you were a part of sports teams growing up or any local clubs, there is a good chance that you or someone you know participated in a bottle drive. In fact, you may have even been part of one, for the simple fact that you are attending elementary school. For the most part they are a very great way to raise money for a special cause, and they work especially well when you are a student. Many clubs, schools and organizations will use bottle drives as a primary source of fundraising. 

Bottle Drives

But in addition to creating a relatively simple stream of revenue, bottle drives are great for the social aspect they bring to the table as well. For starters, they foster relationships and team building skills. Organizing and holding a fundraiser at any scale requires teamwork. Without it the entire operation will fall apart. In many situations, the group responsible for organizing the fundraiser will split into small groups and work in teams to do their share of the work. Whether this is going door to door, or speaking directly with those who wish to drop off their recycles, there is a level of teamwork required. Each individual is able to contribute to the success of the group in their own way.

Other ways in which teamwork is fostered, includes:

-       Building trust amongst group members

-       Blending of complementary strengths and weaknesses

-       Fostering creativity

Organizing and holding bottle drives is a great way to meet new people and build essential social skills that translate into every other area of life. Kids can learn a great deal about conflict resolution, healthy risk taking and communication above all else. Not to mention the strength of the relationships that activities like bottle drives have the ability to foster and create.

We all thrive off relationships and being a part of something bigger than just outselves. By being part of bottle drives, you form meaningful relationships and connections with people who you would have otherwise never known. These events are a great way to form and build community. In small towns it can be a great way to strengthen an already existing community. At the end of the day, people just wish to feel connected and to be part of something that makes them feel as long they belong. Bottle drives and associated events have the ability to do exactly that.

Aside from bringing communities closer together, bottle drives can be a source of fun! Not the actual picking up of the bottles, let’s be honest that kinda sucks, but when you get to spend this amount of time with friends you do find enjoyment in it. Parents can relish in the fact that their children are freed from the tangled embrace of their smartphones, computers and ipads. Even if it's just for a little while. The sunshine also helps both the physical and emotional components of your child's development.

Whatever reason you have for doing a bottle drive it will be well worth it!


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