How To Teach Math To Preschoolers

The concepts of math are everywhere around us which means that students initial exposure to math will be as toddlers and preschoolers when they start to interact with the world around them. Understanding shape and space, number sense, time amd so much more is only possible when they have experienced these things firsthand. That means the best way to teach math to preschoolers is to have them experience the world around them exactly how it is. You can create opportunities for them to do so, which will also prepare them to work with a math learning centre in Regina when they are school aged.


Math Learning Centre Regina

Here are soe great experiences you can prepare for younger kids to help them become great students of math once they enter school. 

1.    Use Shapes. Help children to recognize shapes and how they occupy space by giving them toys in various shapes. Wooden or foam shapes are readily available in children’s toy sections at most toy stores or department stores. These make excellent play time or even bath toys (foam only).

2.    Make Shape Pictures. Have children cut off basic shapes so they understand the properties of each shape, then put them together to create something. This helps them to see how an object can be broken down into individual shapes and how to put shapes together to make something more robust.

3.    Build Puzzles. Building puzzles helps children develop visual perception and basic understandings of geometric shapes. And the best part is they have fun so they won’t even realize they are learning.

4.    Make Forts. When building a fort, kids learn to view shape and space as important to creating what they envision. Fort building gives them the chance to try these concepts out with their own hands.

5.    Use Manipulatives. Things like blocks, beads, counters and pegboards are great ways for kids to learn many math concepts such as counting, grouping and more. Again, they will have fun creating, building and playing and won’t realize they are learning.

6.    Learn Counting Songs. Kids love music and teaching them counting songs can cement knowledge they will need later on in school. This also helps with memorization since the mind better stores things that rhyme.

7.    Play With Numbers. Let your child play with foam, rubber, wooden or plastic numbers in the bath or on a magnetic board. Because they are physical objects, your child can touch them and feel their shapes which is far more meaningful than seeing them on a page. With time, they will naturally learn to recognize the numbers and how they are formed.

8.    Talk About Time. Preschoolers enjoy a routine so they can understand what to expect. By strating to teach them the concept of time, schedules, minutes, hours and more, you are setting them up to understand a wide variety of concepts and measurements that make up understanding time.

Teaching math to preschoolers is all about play and interacting with the world around them. This prepares them for school, when they will also be able to attend a math learning centre in Regina to further expand their knowledge.


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