Know all about the certified fraud examiner

Who is CFE or certified fraud examiner?

CFE in South Africa is a trained professional with diverse skills in preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud. They are certified anti-fraud professionals discovering, investigating, and resolving fraud cases.

What is the role of a certified fraud examiner?

CFE in South Africa conducts expert investigations regarding possible illegal activity in banks, corporations, and retail stores. They review the documentation and interview the suspect to work out the details of the financial fraud claim.

Also, the CFE initiates fraud deterrence and prevention programs to help companies avoid future problems. They are the certified professionals who hold that specific title or work under another designation, like a forensic accountant or internal auditor.

Most certified fraud examiners work for private banks or corporations though private auditing companies, consulting firms, and government agencies employ some.

Benefits of Certified Fraud examiner certification


1.    Increase the earning: CFEs earn more than their non-certified colleagues. Many institutions in South Africa employ certified fraud examiners, and they pay them good monthly salaries. If you want to join the field of forensic science and high-level auditing and investigations, CFE is your Go-To course to pursue. When one gets through with the course, they shall get several offers from many potential employers as it is a course in high demand.

2.    Advance your career: CFE certification is documented evidence of experience and expertise, representing a high level of skill, professionalism, and knowledge. A graduate in criminology, forensics, audit, accounts, or finance will be handicapped from the professional viewpoint if they have not procured a certified fraud examiner course.

3.  Enhance your marketability and job security: CFE is one of today's most marketable credentials. Auditors with CFE certification in South Africa are three times more likely to get good opportunities. 

4.   Gain professional visibility and credibility: CFE certification is accepted globally as the standard of excellence in the anti-fraud profession. Certified fraud examiner is more likely to handle their assignments with a higher level of competence and confidence and hence take them more seriously. 

5.    Distinguish from peers: CFE credential is recognized in the promotion and hiring of leading organizations. CFE certification is a source of bragging rights for professionals who work in an environment that require knowledge of fraud examination. It showcases self-awareness, conscious, and sincere acquisition of relevant skills by a person.

6.     Self Adequacy and happiness: CFE course is not only important for reasons like an increase in pay scale, reasonable job offers, and promotional opportunities. It is also essential for intrinsic reasons. It is a course that positively impacts the happiness index and health of the person. A CFE professional feels more self-adequate, leading to a better sense of purpose and achievement.

7.   Patriotic feel: As a patriotic South African, you must equip yourself with the CFE skills to ensure that there is no misappropriation of public and private resources.

Wrap up

CFE is a professional who investigates fraud and resolves fraud-related cases using their expertise and skills.


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