How can I get DPCC green category certificate in Delhi?

Industrial sectors that are less polluting are considered Green Category industries. These industries do not require any pollution control device and include all those that are less polluting than orange and red categories industries.


All the industries under Green Category need to apply DPCC green category certificate for consent to establish and operate for pollution control licenses. These are the industries that have a pollution index of 21 to 40.


Some industries include bakery items, injection, moulding items without reprocessing, plastic processed goods without plastic carry bags, sheets or like used for packing, wrapping the commodity, assembly or repair of electrical gadgets, sawmill, aerated water, fruit beverages and more. These industries must submit a consent certificate before establishing their industry and certificate to operate. DPCC issued consent to the establishment with a validity of one year.


Here is a list of documents required to obtain a DPCC green category certificate-


1Pan card of the entity

2. Aadhar card of the applicant

3. Email id of the applicant

4. Water bill with water consumption details

5. Electricity bill (not compulsory)

6. CETP Bill and Maintenance bill

7. Process flow

8. Raw material consumption along with finished product manufacturing

9. CA certification

10. Project report having full details of the unit

11. Undertaking in the prescribed format

12. Authorization letter

13. Ownership proof or rent agreement, as the case may be

14. Trade effluent or DG set detail, if any.


Process for filing consent to establish and operate applications for green category industries


1.       Choose an industrial activity from the list of pre-determined industrial activities of the pollution control board that relates to the company's business activity.


2.       Prepare project reports, details of pollution control equipment, undertakings, and other documents as applicable and required for consent to establish a certificate. The application must be complete; else, the official will either raise clarification or may reject the application.


3.       For consent to operate an application, first, it is important to take control measures concerning air, water, and noise pollution as applicable to the industry and get lab testing done, if applicable, from panel laboratories mentioned in the Lab of Pollution control board.


4.       The last step is to file the required documents, information and fees. Pollution control officials scrutinize the application, and the same procedure is followed. 


Wrap up


Collaborating with professional service providers who will help you obtain DPCC green category certificate without any hassle is important. The experts will collect the information and documents, process the documents, file the application, submit the required fees, and follow up with the pollution board for the consent license.


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